Cesc declaration shows money can't buy you love

I well and truly believe that Cesc Fabregas has all the ingredients to become World Player of the Year.

Sadly, I fear that the accolade will only fall to him when he leaves Arsenal, and despite being tied to an eight year contract a couple of years ago, I don't foresee him spending his entire career with Arsenal.

The main story this week has been about Manchester City's billionaire owners proclaiming that the club will sign a host of big names in order to become one of the biggest sides in the world.

The thought of M*nure being the second side of Manchester is somewhat novel, and it will be interesting to see whether it happens.

Think of the greatest moments Arsenal enjoyed last season and Cesc was a part of them all - the pass to Manu Adebayor who then scored against M*nure; the late late goal at Bolton when we came back from the dead...and of course, that goal at the San Siro against AC Milan.

Cesc has Arsenal in his heart and when he does depart, I suspect it will be back to Spain. I wouldn't blame him for wanting to try the Primera Liga at some point and there's no doubt he would go from hero to God in his own country if he moved back, cementing his place in the nation's affections after a stirring Euro 2008.

But isn't it refreshing to read today that our Number Four would not consider a move to Manchester City?

He said today: "It would be suicidal for my career at 21 years of age to move to City. It would make no sense."

Too true...and I expect there to be upheaval before the Blue side of Manchester becomes truly competitive.

Somehow I don't think all the money in the world could tempt Cesc to leave Arsenal...whether it be for City or Ch*vski or whoever.

His decision, in a couple of years or hopefully more, will be a purely football decision based on joining a competitive side back in his homeland.