Jegbie's Journal - rise of the foot soldiers after Bolton thumping

Greetings fellow Addicts.

This weekend was a real sweet one for us.

We beat those scummers Bolton and our rivals all missed out in their respective games.

Maximum respect to the boys and Arsene for navigating three tricky away fixtures. Yes, maybe Bolton and B’burn aren’t the teams they once were but it is still a good set of results.

I have to say one thing - Mark Lawrenson – TWAT ..... how does his missus let him leave the house looking like an 80’s porno key grip. His comments on the tackle on Gael Clichy were predictably stooped. Look in the mirror you mug.

This brings me on to two players I have often screamed at thru the telly and at matches and shouted various obscenities at.....

Denilson and Manu Eboue ... two players we have slated in the past who now look like they are really stepping up to the plate.

Eboue seems to have lost the headless chicken side to his game and is looking more direct. He offers us real pace on the right side, already this season we have been much more direct than last year.

If he can add some more goals then we are talking about even more development from the Ivorian speed merchant. I have hated Eboue at times but this season I take my hat of to him. He has clearly had a word with himself and it looks like he’s a changed player. His introduction in Europe was the catalyst for our goal midweek.

Now to Denilson ... this boy has had a fair amount to live up to. Captain of the Brazil under -19 side, he came in to Arsenal under the radar but was always talked about as a real talent. I was impressed in his first few outings but he then seemed to suffer a bit of a confidence bash – he has a lot of first team experience already and for me is technically a better player than Flamini.

He is stepping into his boots very well and has a goal and a few assists already this season. If he adds a little more steel to his game then we are in business. The boy has done good and I think he knows he’s got the chance to be a Flamster and he’s going for it. The thing I like about him most is he has a good eye for goal.

Our team is pretty bloody good. Wenger knows what he is doing – he is ensuring the Arsenal future is bright – there are so many other good young players at this club that we have an embarrassment of riches.

Our youth set up is the envy of Europe – FACT. Look how many Premiership teams have benefited from players who were deemed sub-standard at Arsenal. We are the club that keeps giving!

One of those players, D*vid B*ntl*y, is having fun, isn’t he? We are TOP and T*tt*nh*m are bottom.

Slate us all you like, even Fergie loves Wenger now and he knows how hard it is to build a team -  that ’s why he’ s had to buy one.

Wenger is doing the hardest job in the Prem – dining from the top table with luncheon vouchers and we are gonna have our cake at bloody eat it.

My name is Jegbie. I am a 32 years old and I am an Arsene lover.