Jegbie's Jokes: Let's all laugh at T*tt*nh*m

Apologies in advance for the quality of these, but what the heck, let's all laugh at T*tt*nh*m!

  • Tottenham are the strongest team in the premiership ...... they are holding up 19 other teams.
  • Gary Glitter has issued a statement on his release............” He wishes to go where he will be left in peace, alone, out of the spotlight and has no intentions of travelling abroad in the foreseeable future" Tottenham have offered him a three year contract.
  • Now available in the Tottenham club shop: SPURS BANNERS - Come complete with interchangeable slogans Eg: - "LEVY OUT", "COMOLLI OUT", "RAMOS OUT", "LET ME OUT" etc.. £15:00
  • What's the difference between Tottenham Hotspur and a cocktail stick? A cocktail stick has 2 points.