What the papers say: Theo is the saviour of English football

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NO PRESSURE, Theo. You really can be the future not just of the English national team but of the English national game.

The Mail on Sunday - Adebayor adds a touch of class to an Arsenal romp
It was a thing of beauty and well worth anyone's journey and admission money.

Praised by everyone from Gordon Brown to David Beckham, congratulated for a career-defining performance and described as a national hero, the most talked-about teenager in the country went back to the day job.

The Sunday Star - THREE-SY DOES IT!
Call him Threeo, Trio or plain old Theo, England’s Wonder Wal is the name on everyone’s lips.

The Sunday Times - Theo Walcott completes top week as Arsenal thrash Blackburn
ARSENE WENGER’S trepidation about crossing the northwest frontier is akin to that of a virgin straying into Transylvania after nightfall.

The Sunday Telegraph Theo Walcott supplies the ammunition for gung-ho Arsenal
Arsene Wenger need not have concerned himself. This football life is just a breeze for Theo Walcott.

The Observer - Walcott sets up another rout
If belief is the big issue at Arsenal these days then a result like this nourishes the faithful.

The Independent on Sunday - Blackburn Rovers 0 Arsenal 4: Adebayor shows fine art of finishing
This was a cruise for Arsenal and a morale-sapping afternoon for Blackburn, whose disquiet at the persistent linking of their fledgling manager, Paul Ince, with the Newcastle vacancy was compounded by a string of missed chances for which they were heavily punished.

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