Forget Arsenal transfer talk - it ain't happening

Finally, Arsene Wenger has had a chance to confirm that Stephen Appiah will not be joining Arsenal.

It's a relief in a way, because I'm not sure how well he would have fitted in - but given his admission of taking money to swing games in the past, albeit for trying to win games, it immediately confirmed my suspicions that Wenger would not sign him.

Wenger is so anti anything that would jeopardise fair play that he would never even consider it.

"We are not on the case" said Wenger today.

And now, we've been linked with another free transfer - Brazilian midfielder Mineiro, who is available on a free.

He left Hertha Berlin this summer and SkySports believes he may well be on his way to Emirates.

He is 33.

Maybe I'm wrong, but will someone tell whoever dredges up these stories that actually, Wenger would never sign an outfield player of that age.

Someone needs to remind everyone that there's no point being in denial anymore.

The squad we have is the squad we will retain until December. End of.