Just 30 league games in two years, but Robin van Persie wants a pay rise

The Sun is running an interesting story today about Robin van Persie wanting to re-open contract talks to extend his career at Arsenal.

Unlike some of his team mates recently, the Dutchman makes it clear that he wants to stay at Arsenal, but following his comments earlier on this summer, about the Gunners' failure to compete with other big clubs when it comes to wages, it'll be interesting to see how this particular saga plays out.

There's no doubt that RvP is a supremely talented player, but his injuries over the past couple of seasons have mostly seen him sitting on the sidelines collecting tens of thousands of pounds per week for little more than being a regular on the physio's table.

His flashes of brilliance when he does play have been few and far between and even when he does get a run of a few games I've always thought that he spends too much time being a passenger, rather than the playmaker we all know that he can be.

Thierry Henry once went on the record to say that RvP was the best player he'd ever seen - in training. Hopefully if he can show that consistently during competitive games, we'll see the best of Robin and then I'll have no problem at all about Arsene Wenger awarding him a big pay rise and an extended contract.

However, in the past two seasons, RvP has started just 30 Premier League games, so I think any hope of him getting the kind of pay rise that Emmanuel Adebayor has just landed is pretty slim at the moment...

I reckon we are still to see Robin reach his peak and, with any luck, he'll start to live up to his potential this season. I was at Charlton when he scored that wonder volley a couple of years ago and I still have to pinch myself every time I see footage of that goal.

But I think we need to see a season of consistency, injury free and a lot more goals from RvP before the club should entertain any thoughts of offering him an improved deal. He still has three years left on his present contract, so I can't understand why Le Gaffer would be in any hurry to sit down and negotiate new terms.

For his part, van Persie says, "I love this club, it is a great team. Like me, I love to play lots of combination football, so I am in the right place."

Well Robin, prove to us Gooners that you an invaluable part of that club by helping your team mates to bring home some silverware and you'll become the Arsenal legend that I truly believe you have the potential to be. Just don't expect us to nod with approval over pay rise demands when we're a bit sceptical about your ability to contribute throughout an entire season.

What do you reckon? Is RvP worth a pay rise now? Or perhaps you think another season on the sidelines could see Le Gaffer's patience finally run out? Maybe you think we should sell him now before he breaks down with injuries again. Share your comments here