Questions raised by Adebayor saga

Arsenal Addict has noted the mixed feelings from fans following Emmanuel Adebayor’s announcement that he is to sign a new contract at the club.

On balance, more fans seem to be relieved that he is staying than disappointed – and as our headline on Friday suggested, we were in two minds as well.

On reflection, based on his strikerate last season and in order not to cause too much upheaval to the squad, it is a good thing that the Togo striker is staying.

After losing Alex Hleb and Mathieu Flamini, Adebayor is, essentially, one of the elder statesmen of our young side and to lose him and replace him with an equally effective forward, who could have fitted into  the side instantly, would have been a challenge.

Who can blame him for asking for a pay rise after three years at the club and having what was indisputably a prolific season last time around?

But having watched the interview with Adebayor again and reflected on the saga, a few questions come to mind that remain to be answered:

* Adebayor denies asking for a move, which may well be the case, but didn't this saga gathered pace when he gave an interview where he raised doubts about staying at Arsenal? The interview was filmed and on Sky Sports and we haven't located it again - but here were some of Adebayor's comments as reported in the Mirror:

"If Arsenal sell me, they are going to get £40m, maybe £47m and they bought me for £7m. So everyone is getting the benefits. They have to make a good decision and I have to make a good decision as well. Now I have a lot of big clubs trying to buy me. It's up to me and my agent Stephane Courbis to sit down next week and find a good solution, to do what's right for my career.

"I'm in a position that I don't know where to play but that's normal. If you told me seven years ago when I was playing in Togo without a pair of football boots that I'd have a choice of playing in Spain or Italy it would seem crazy. Arsenal need to tell me what they want as well. I have a promise from Arsene that they will call me next week. I'm waiting for their answer and then I'll decide. I need to know before I come back to train on July 21. I need to know by then."

* If Adebayor was waiting for a call from Arsene Wenger to tell him what they were planning on doing, how did he expect to be contacted, seeing as he claimed on Friday that he had his phone off the entire time he was away?

"When I was on holiday I never went on to the internet I never read the newspapers so to be honest I was with my family so my phone was off so I didn’t know what was happening."  No, we didn’t believe him either.

* If there was no truth in reports of Adebayor's future being in doubt, why did Arsenal not issue a statement or article on denying the stories about Adebayor’s possible departure, as they have done with Cesc Fabregas and others in the past?

* Why did Adriano Galliani claim to have a fax from Arsenal stating that they were willing to sell Adebayor to AC Milan if this was not the case? Notably, Wenger stated on Friday that he would tell Galliani that Ade was not for sale but did not go so far as to suggest Milan’s claims were fabricated.

It seems to me that Arsenal may well have contributed to this saga, baulking at Adebayor's initial wage demands and then coming to a agreement when they realised no club was willing to pay their valuation of the player.

It's all academic now, and if Adebayor gets another 20+ goals this season, whatever payrise he has been given will be small change compared to the "selling club" label or transition we would otherwise have to endure.

As some have said, it's time to get behind him and help him score the goals that lead us to silverware.