Don't believe the de Guzman story

If the Sun is to be believed this morning, Arsene Wenger is after Jonathan De Guzman from Feyenoord.

There has been plenty of speculation about the Gunners signing a midfielder before the end of the transfer window and De Guzman, who has been described as a Dutch Owen Hargreaves, seems to fit the bill.

Interestingly, there is a report from April where the Sun's quotes from today are lifted, so I doubt there is any substance to this story.

As you can see from the video clip, he has an eye for goal,so he'd probably be a good acquisition, but not the player we need right now.

He has a scoring record of almost one in four and his allegiance to Holland over his native Canada was seen as a coup.

But whether he is a goalscorer or a destroyer, De Guzman is only 21 and is said to have plenty to learn if his coaches at club and international level are to be believed.

Does that really fit in with the sort of player we need? Surely someone with experience and grit rather than another flair player?