Jegbie's Journal - it's time to back the Arsenal

I have been reading all the fan sites after the dark day that that was Fulham away.

Now don’t get me wrong, I punched the crap out of my sofa and chain smoked my way through that match, effing and blinding the whole way through and at the end they were all mugs, overpaid and not fit to wear the shirt.

But I am not going to badmouth the club and poo poo Arsene. All teams and managers have bad days at the office.

No decision made when the red mist is down is ever going to be the right one. I was more gutted than when we lost the Champs League final but I hope this will be a wake up call to the players who now know that they can’t stroll round the pitch thinking about what Bentley to buy next (let's leave that to T*ttnh*am - Ed) when they need to get stuck in and earn their wad.

All this negativity is not great in the long run. I agree we need more players to galvanise the fans and the team but if it doesn't happen what are we gonna do .... stop supporting Arsenal? No bloody way!

Yes, Fulham was one of our worst performances in recent years, yes Denilson was proper sh*t, yes RVP looked like he couldn't hit a cows backside with a banjo ..... but one game does not a team make.

In footy you're only as good as your last game and live and die by the sword - here's looking forward to tonight where we can knock that daft Dutch accented tw*t out of Europe.

People are banging on about Senderos leaving and Hleb etc ...... Senderos was a liability period.... he cost us at least nine points just against Chelsea! Gilberto was a shadow of his former self (White Hart Lane in the Prem last season anyone?) and only played when Flam was injured. Hleb was full of trickery and had lovely feet but he was the footy equivalent of great foreplay but no penetration.

All is not lost, Arsene is not a bad manager, we have always known he finds it hard to buy established talent and he is not great at buying defenders.

These shortcomings are magnified now when we are up against it but this is where support comes in to play – I don’t want to be a fan who expects victory to be a divine right and as such takes it for granted.

I want the ride, the crap times and the good times and the time where we can all contradict ourselves and Wenger goes from being a fool to a genius again.

Without Wenger this club would be in a bad way. I am not David Dein’s biggest fan but he was a good mover in the transfer market and we have missed that since he has been gone.

Apart from that, all this moaning has got to stop’s been four days since Fulham. Having a season ticket gives you many things but if all you want to do is badmouth the club and the manager then there are thousands of other people who will take your tickets.

I am tired of the middle class fairweather footy fan who badmouths his team and then goes and drinks a nice continental lager at his overpriced boozer while pretending he could do a better job than Arsene.

Definition of a supporter: “One who promotes or advocates”

Let’s start being supporters, not armchair managers.