It’s time to fulfil the promises, Arsene

For a few weeks now, Arsene Wenger has promised the fans that we would be signing a new central midfielder.

Cesc Fabregas, the single most important player at our club, has even talked about the need for a ball-winner.

If you or I were the Spaniard, we’d be wanting to ask the manager what was going on to allow a former right back to play in midfield. How can a club or Arsenal's size and stature be allowed to struggle for quality personnel like this?

Sure, we have a huge number of players with promise, so why not, with ten minutes left against Fulham and no one showing any signs of breaking our hosts down, did Wenger not throw on Jack Wilshere?

The worst that could have happened was that we still lost. The best, that a new hero was born, a player that underlined the magnificence of the Arsenal production line.

The thing is, Wenger is not one to bring on raw players very often when the chips are down. He wants them to be eased in when it doesn’t matter or when victory is already secured. Sometimes, Arsene, you’ve got to let a young player become a hero when you need them most, not when it suits your controlled circumstances.

Judging by the comments the Addict team has received recently, there are a lot of disillusioned fans out there.

I for one feel slightly betrayed. All through the summer, I refused to panic when we didn’t buy players. I was reassured that, if last season was anything to go by, the upward curve could well continue.

I trusted Wenger when he said how rich in talent and promise our squad was – and in some respects, I accept that buying for the sake of buying when we have a number of injured players on the way back is not always wise.

But if Wenger allows Flamini and Gilberto to leave and buys no one but the extremely raw Aaron Ramsey, he has to play him. Ironically, poor as Eboue was on Saturday, Denilson’s (pictured) performance suggests he has a limited career at Arsenal and certainly is not as fully developed a player as he would like to think he is.

Is Wenger going to keep his word and complete a signing before the FC Twente game? Somehow I doubt it, and the excuse will be: ‘We had a lot to work on after Saturday and I’ve been preparing the team for Wednesday.’

Failure to buy earlier in the summer has cost us a defeat already and after paying such a huge dividend for the pleasure of watching our beloved Arsenal, don’t the club have a responsibility to do more than simply make do and mend?

Tomorrow we have the second leg of that Champions League tie and if we play like we did in the first half in Holland, we could be in trouble.

I’d like to think it’s a foregone conclusion but after Saturday, who knows?