Dear Arsene...a letter from an impassioned season ticket holder

Dear Arsene Wenger, the Board, and whomever else this may concern,
Firstly, as a loyal Arsenal fan and season ticket holder, I would like to inform you of how infuriated I am, as are many other Arsenal supporters with the performance of the team at Fulham this weekend.

To go to Craven Cottage and play a team like Fulham FC and get COMPLETLY played of the park was an absolute disgrace. We had no desire to win; we were second to every ball. No one in the team looked like they wanted to be there.

From what I saw of the game (which I watched live on TV), we had no driving force in midfield, no strong ball winner, no final product and I was completely amazed by the individuals you had in the centre of the park.

I have absolutely no idea why you persist on playing Eboue. He is dirty, he can't cross, he dives, he moans and he can't shoot. To be frank I can only think of one maybe two things he has ever done well: 1- The cross that set Thierry Henry up to score the winner against Manchester United; and 2 - the DIVE he made to win the free kick in the Champions league final which subsequently lead to Sol Campbell scoring)

And Denison who has no idea what position he wants to be playing (is he a defensive midfielder or attacking midfielder? He needs to make up his mind because he does not do either of them particularly well).

The two of them made us look mediocre to say the least. Also how can our captain Gallas, not show any passion or commitment to the cause, it was his fault we conceded, bad marking, the Fulham players obviously wanted the ball more.

If our captain does not show the desire and commitment to the club, to the title challenge (which you believe will we still be in, come May next year .... ha) how do you expect the young players to learn and not have their heads drop if the captain shows no passion? He should be leading from the front, setting an example.
Even you, Arsene, noticed the how the midfield struggled against FC Twente, and immediately after the game you said, "We will buy before the second leg to strengthen our midfield" and who do you go and buy...... an old has-been from Manchester United in Mikael Siivestre as cover for our defence if we get injuries.

Then you go and sell Senderos on loan to AC Milan, so we are back to square one again...... seriously have you lost the plot?

We need you to be buying a strong defensive midfielder to replace Flamini.... you go and buy Amauri Bischoff, a player who has played once in three years and spent the whole of last season on the treatment table..... What's all that about?

Four years ago we won our last trophy and for a team like Arsenal, that just is not good enough! Five years ago, you took us to the pinnacle of English football, by going a whole domestic campaign UNBEATEN...... what has happened to that Arsenal?!!

We used to kill off games in the first 20 minutes; every counter looked like we could score..... Now when I am in the stands and we get the ball in the area I panic because nobody seems to know what to do with the ball at their feet...... the answer is simple.... SHOOT!!!!
This is a sad day for Arsenal Football Club, and for me as a fan of the club I love, I never ever thought I would be writing a letter like this. We need changes and we need them quick. We want a new captain.... a new signing (someone with experience, a ball winner of the same mould as Patrick Vieira).

All I ask Arsene, is to sort out this situation and quickly before we become a laughing stock of the premier league. If the situation does not change, you might as well kiss goodbye to qualifying for the Champions League, let alone winning it!! And heaven forbid Tottenham Hotspur finishing above us in the league.
Sort it out Arsene, the fans want success.
 Yours sincerely
 James Linin
 Season Ticket Holder, and a very disgruntled Fan.