Don't panic Arsenal fans: 10 reasons that prove Arsene knows

A number of the comments reacting to Arsene Wenger's signing of Mikael Silvestre have troubled me in the past 24 hours.

Some of the abuse levelled at Wenger has been bemusing to say the least, with people questioning his sanity, his desire to win trophies and even a comment claiming that he has done nothing for the club in the last few years and that he should be sacked.

There isn't even any point in responding to that opinion, as it doesn't merit any comment, and I don't want to accuse anyone of being a plastic fan, but I think a few Gooners actually believe that Arsenal should be winning silverware as a matter of course.

Well, we're not the only club trying to win trophies girls and boys and like it or lump it, we don't have the finances to compete with our fiercest rivals - yet. As a result, count your lucky stars that we have Arsene Wenger at the helm, because if we didn't then the Arsenal probably would be a mid-table team right now.

Imagine the state of the club if we didn't have the benefit of the money from some of the player sales Le Prof has masterminded?!

And for those of you still doubting that Arsene knows, here are 10 players he has bought during his reign who might have had us scratching our head at the time, but who turned out to be stellar signings:

  1. Patrick Vieira - cost £3.5m
  2. Nicolas Anelka - cost £0.5m
  3. Fredrik Ljungberg - cost £3.0m
  4. Nwankwo Kanu - cost £4.5m
  5. Thierry Henry - cost £10.5m
  6. Robert Pires - cost £6.0m
  7. Kolo Toure - cost £0.15m
  8. Gael Clichy - cost £0.25m
  9. Cesc Fabregas - cost £0.7m (compensation)
  10. Bacary Sagna - cost £6.1m
That's a grand total of just over £35 million for those 10 players. And of the four who were been sold (Kanu and Pires both move on in free transfers), the club earned nearly £56 million.

I'm not suggesting we're going to make a profit on the £750,000 we've paid for Mikael Silvestre, but for those of you in any doubt about our manager, I refer you to the above and remind you of one undeniable fact...

Arsene knows.