Wenger seeks to raise funds - but not for the first team

Here at ArsenalAddict, we're all for helping good causes.

So when an unexpected email arrived from Arsenal last night asking us to promote this season's Arsenal charity initiative, we were happy to oblige.

Today, Thursday 21 August, is the launch of Arsenal’s ‘Be a Gooner. Be a Giver.’ campaign for Teenage Cancer Trust, the charity dedicated to helping teenagers and young adults fight cancer.

The Gunners, with the help of supporters locally and globally, aim to raise £300,000 during the 2008/09 season partnership enabling Teenage Cancer Trust to increase its support for teenagers and young adults with cancer in the London area by building a brand new Day Care Centre at University College Hospital, London.

Arsene Wenger said: "Football raises a lot of money and if you can help other people, you should. A club has a social responsibility, maybe in England more than anywhere else because here a club grew out of its environment within a city. One of the strengths at Arsenal is that we are very conscious of that social responsibility."

Arsenal is the first to commit to funding part of Teenage Cancer Trust’s unit in the Day Care Centre. The Club hopes that other organisations will follow their lead, helping the charity to raise a further £1.2 million to complete the development of their unit.

You can find out more about the partnership by visiting the dedicated website to the partnership www.beagoonerbeagiver.organd if you donate any amount of cash before Arsenal’s fixture against Newcastle on Saturday 30th August, citing the code BAGBAG in the ‘your comments’ entry field, you will automatically be entered in to a prize draw to win an Arsenal football signed by the Arsenal first team! Donate any amount now!