ARSENE KNOWS: Wenger's words of wisdom on eve of Arsenal's new season

Nervous about Arsenal’s prospects for the season?

Well we all go along with the adage that “Arsene Knows” and I have to say that I truly hope that his optimism for the forthcoming campaign proves accurate.

The Frenchman is confident his squad can deliver trophies and the disappointment of last season seems to have helped develop a new ruthless streak in Le Gaffer, as he admits, “We are prepared to do whatever it takes to win a football game.”

Well, almost anything.

"Are we ready to kill someone to win a game? No, because you have to respect the rules in football. The beauty in the game is to win in respect of the rules.”

Damn it. Maybe that streak isn’t so ruthless after all.

Wenger continues, "Can you win the league by playing completely non-football? I don't believe so. Historically it is proven that the teams who win the league are the better technical teams.”

And perhaps having a pop at some of our rivals, Le Boss states, “The leading clubs have a responsibility to try to make the games attractive. They can never be a long-term target to play a dirty game or one which is not attractive. We want to play our game because we feel it is the most efficient way to win."

Worryingly he backtracked a tad on his pledge to bring in an experienced midfielder, but revealed that the fact that certain players are now cup-tied for the Champions League – such as Gareth Barry, Lorik Cana, Yaya Toure and Xabi Alonso – would not necessarily prevent him from bringing one to Arsenal.

"I feel the player loses value if he is not eligible for the Champions League,” he admits, while seeing that downside as a potential for a trademark Arsene bargain buy. “You cannot sell a player at the same price. Every club will consider that. I have a shortlist, but the list was always short."

As for his goal for the season? Well, it is genius in its simplicity.

"We feel we were a fraction short last year by not much,” said Le Prof. “We want to show we can get the four points which made the difference last year between us and the winner.

“Let's focus on the short-term goals and let’s show later on we've learned from when we dropped off last season."

Let’s hope so.