Should Arsene Wenger bring Tony Adams back to Arsenal?

When Tony Adams went to Wycombe Wanderers as manager a few years ago, it seemed to be an opportunity for the former Gunners captain to get ready for taking over from Arsene Wenger when Le Boss decided to give up his throne.

After becoming the youngest ever Arsenal captain and leading the club to 10 major trophies, while dealing with his own personal demons, Adams is not known as “Mr Arsenal” for nothing.

Just as David Platt failed to impress as a coach, despite a cerebral understanding of the game that suggested he would go right to the top, so too did Adams struggle with less gifted players at Wycombe.

But Adams did not get to where he did in the game through talent alone. Never the most gifted of players, his success was as much to do with determination as anything else. When talk recently has been about Arsenal signing a big old-fashioned centre-back, images come flooding back of Adams putting his head where studded boots would fear to go...

Learning spells at Feyernoord and Utrecht seem to have had a transformational effect on Adams and his work at Portsmouth is a testament to that improvement.

So I was interested to read Adams’ comments this week that he still has desire to take over from Wenger at Arsenal one day: “I'm still dreaming I know, but one day I might be lucky enough to be Arsenal manager - and knock United off the top.”

Let’s be honest, Arsene Wenger has no problem creating attacking sides with flair and imagination that few can equal. Defensively though, Arsenal are lacking – as we could all see during the Ajax game.

However good a defender Pat Rice was, he never quite reached the same levels as Adams. So why not bring him back to the club with a remit to focus on drilling the defence in the way George Graham used to do?

The Gunners defence would improve, Adams would learn more about Wenger’s attacking philosophy from a coaching point of view after seeing it as a player at the tail-end of his on-field career, and we would have a ready-made replacement for Wenger who could ensure continuity and success in the years ahead.