The world according to David B*ntley

Thanks to all of you who pointed out David B*ntley's ever-changing comments on his football heroes. For the rest of you, here are a few of his quotations from over the years:

On Eric Cantona: "I just love the way he Cantona would scare people into giving him room to play. And he played like he enjoyed his football."

On Dennis Bergkamp: "Everyone has been labelling me with Dennis Bergkamp because that goal against Middlesbrough I scored was his trademark - and still is. It is always a compliment for that to happen because I have been watching him since I joined the club as a 12-year-old. Dennis is the one I learn off the most. It is always good for me to be put in the same bracket as him."

On Paul Gascoigne, today: "Gazza [Paul Gascoigne] was my favourite player, all my mates are Tottenham fans and there's a piece of my heart at this club."

On being at Arsenal: "I don't want to play perfect football. I don't want a cross of mine to be a statistic. Everything I thought football should be wasn't happening at Arsenal. So, six months after signing a five-year contract, I decided to go. I just wanted to play. But there was no banter there, it was boring."

To which Gunners legend Paul Merson responded: "If he wants laughs he should be a comedian."

And to Theo Walcott, who made 39 appearances in all for Arsenal last season, including NINE in the Champions League: "If he (Walcott) is not getting the minutes at Arsenal, he's going to have to look elsewhere. Your career doesn't start and end at Arsenal. It can flourish somewhere else. At the end of the day you want to make a career for yourself." Think he's doing that actually, Dave.

And to show how bright the lad is, he responded to criticism after quitting the England Under-21s by saying: "I think it is for the betterment of my career."

So thanks again B*ntley - you weren't good enough for us, but you've still made us a £7m windfall!