Thanks, I’d rather have a Reliable Robin than a Bentley

When David Bentley scored that fabulous chip against Middlesbrough a few years ago, I wondered whether we had one of those rarities – a talented attacking player who was coming through the ranks.

Not since Niall Quinn and Rocky Rocastle had we had a homegrown forward player of real potential that has genuinely come through the ranks.

When he went off to Norwich on loan, I thought that he would finish his education and then return to stake his claim. A few months later and he was off to Blackburn.

Was this a case of Arsene being wary of the professionalism of English players? Maybe. Let’s be honest, Franny Jeffers, Richard Wright, Jermaine Pennant and Cashley Cole all caused off-field problems and maybe Wenger saw that potential in Bentley.

Let’s look at the Bentley evidence since he left the Gunners:
• He refused to play for England, citing fatigue (not that I care about the national team)
• He claimed training at Arsenal was ‘boring’ and that there was no banter
• He admitted he was never an Arsenal fan and that
most of his mates support T*ttenh*m
• He told Theo Walcott that he would never get chances at Arsenal

So maybe it was predictable that Bentley, whose opinions and actions seem to go against the grain, should choose to join T*ttenh*m. How funny that he claimed he wanted to play Champions League football – and he ends up at a club who have never been in that competition.

I can already imagine the welcome when he comes to Emirates next season – and the rubbish he’ll come out with ahead of the game.

What irony that Wenger’s wily sell-on clause policy means some of T*ttenh*m’s inflated Bentley fee will fatten our coffers even more.

T*ttenh*m and David Bentley – the perfect match.