Barca claim Adebayor has attitude problems, but is he still welcome at Arsenal?

Emmanuel Adebayor’s “bad attitude” has reportedly put Barcelona off in their bid to snatch the Togolese striker away from Arsenal.

Bad attitude? Are we talking about the same player who thinks after one season of doing his job that he should command a 300% pay rise and who refuses to commit to his future? Bad attitude? No shit, Sherlock!

The question is how us Gooners will respond to Adebayor if indeed he does remain in North London next season?

On the one hand, losing the club’s top goalscorer to the Catalan giants - again - would be a bit too much to handle for this particular Addict.

But on the other hand, Manu’s lack of loyalty this summer has been shocking. The fact that he’s earned the nickname Greedybayor from the very supporters who just weeks ago were hailing him as a hero speaks volumes.

Us football fans are a fickle lot and I think it would only take a few early goals for us to start loving Adebayor again.

I’d still be quite happy for him to leave if Arsenal were to receive anywhere near £30 million and I have a sneaky suspicion that he won’t be in Arsenal colours come the start of the season.

Time is of the essence though, so I predict that if Adebayor plays in any of next week’s friendlies, then he’ll remain a Gunner. If not, then perhaps we’ll be seeing a new star striker unveiled at the Emirates Cup.

Will you welcome Adebayor back at the Emirates given his summer of discontent? Or do you reckon he’s burnt his bridges with the Arsenal faithful? Share your thoughts on Ade-cool here.