Nasri talks up Arsenal - take note Adebayor

He may only have been at the club for a matter of hours, but new signing Samir Nasri is already talking the talk, with all the excitement of a kid being introduced to his new games console.

I'm not wishing to be disrespectful to Marseilles, but Arsenal are renowned for having some of the best facilities and support mechanisms in the world for their playing staff and that's obviously struck a chord with Nasri who having visited Emirates Stadium and the training centre at London Colney, joined his new team mates for the first time yesterday and proclaimed that he is at an "immense club"

He told reporters: "I'm so excited. I'm discovering my new team-mates. But I'm not lost at all, with all those Frenchmen. Today I'm very happy to be a Gunner. I have joined an immense club where there's everything to achieve great things. I'm delighted to be part of this new adventure. Arsenal are a reference point."

Now I'm not too sure what he means about Arsenal being a reference point, but maybe someone has given him an A-Z map of London as part of his welcome package and he's found the Arsenal tube station. But the 21-year-old was a bit clearer when it came to the man who helped persuade him to continue his career across La Manche.

"He's been decisive," Nasri said of Arsene Wenger. "He represents stability and continuity. We understand we can work on the long term with him. I think he's been at Arsenal for 13 years. It means the world. I was looking for that kind of guarantee to advance my career. I didn't want to go to a club, even a legendary one, where everything could change from one day to another."

He added: "I know Arsene Wenger's going to help me improve. He has had a lot of success with other French players, especially youngsters he helped blossom."

It's not just the French he's had success with Samir, it's also the Spanish, Swiss, Ivorian, Swedish, German, hell even the English. But there are certain Togolese and Belarussian players who could learn a thing or two from you, Samir, when it comes to talking about their employer. Arsenal are a great football club, with the best coach in the world and it's great to hear a new player pay tribute to that, rather than some sad former player who suddenly realises how good it was six months after leaving the club.