Is Thierry Henry really Arsenal's greatest ever player?

'That' run which ended in a goal against T*ttenh*m at Highbury, the mesmeric strikes against Inter Milan and Real Madrid, a rare header in the dying seconds to beat Manchester United at Emirates...we all have our favourite Thierry Henry moment.

I've only been watching Arsenal for 30 years, so there is a plethora of players I never got to see in their pomp, but for me, Thierry Henry was something special. I never thought Patrick Vieira's influence would be surpassed, but Henry managed to score goals where others wouldn't even think of trying to shoot and it's fair to say that at times, he carried the team.

So I'm not exactly surprised that Titi has won the Greatest Player accolade on the Arsenal website.

When a player leaves Arsenal though, however much I may revere and respect their efforts, a bond is broken. It's like being told you partner is sleeping with someone else when you're supposedly happily married - things can never quite be the same again.

Imagine if Henry plays against us for Barca next season...there may be some wistful moments and an appreciative applause from us Gooners, but when the whistle blows, it is us against him and I want him to fail.

As a kid, I remember watching a young Dutch kid, who had more skill than I'd ever seen before, and I daydreamed about Arsenal signing him. No wonder he went to one of the Serie A giants when the Italian game was the best in the world.

The day when Dennis Bergkamp signed for Arsenal, I was driving, and I had to pull over due to shock. Arsenal simply didn't sign players of his calibre, and certainly not foreign internationals still at the peak of their game from clubs like Inter Milan.

Bergkamp was a watershed for Arsenal, a watershed for English football. He was the first 'big name' player to arrive at these shores not wanting to simply pick up the money and enjoy one last hoorah before retiring. He came to win.

Six trophies later and after endless moments of sublime football, what more fitting way to open the new Arsenal stadium than with a testimonial for the Ice Man - a player who, once he joined us, never left.

Forgive me for quoting the Arsenal website, but I think they sum it up better than I can: 'Some players elicit admiration, some provide inspiration, and a precious few can do both. Bergkamp was one such individual. His cast-iron technique was forged on the youth team training ground at Ajax and his steely character developed at Inter. But his best years will always belong to Arsenal.'

Has there been a more talented Arsenal player? I don't think so.