Carlos can be Arsenal's saviour

I'm not one for Fantasy Football, but when people speak of it, I tend to suggest to them that they should put Carlos Vela in their squad next season.

The Mexican winger arrived at Arsenal some years ago before moving to Spain to qualify for his European passport - and boy, has he impressed?

Anyone who saw Osasuna's match against Real Madrid last season will know exactly what I mean, when Vela stood out as an attacking force, giving the recently-crowned European Champion Sergio Ramo a torrid evening. This was a kid with limited experience taking on one of the best teams in the world - and he was prepared to work hard to win the ball as well as show what he could do when he had it.


Only 19 years old, it would be unfair to say that Vela can be our Cristiano Ronaldo in his first season - didn't some of us think the same of Theo Walcott when he arrived?

But after two years playing regular first team football, I think Vela will prove to be one of the most important players at the club for years to come - and it's not often I make predictions like that.

The fact that the Mexican international has been itching to show the Premier League what he can do further excites me: unlike others who think they have a divine right to be successful, he gives the impression that he i desperate to work and impress in equal quantities.

“I’ve been waiting two years for a work permit. Now my dream has come true. I have to take advantage of this opportunity to stay in England. I hope I’m lucky enough to be at Arsenal for a long time," said Vela.

“I’ve achieved a lot in Spain. It has been a useful experience to play for several different teams and move around. At Osasuna I had a difficult experience because of the relegation battle but I always had a place in the team.

"I played well all season. But I expect to have a much better season next year. I’m sure all my efforts will pay off. I’ll be playing in one of the best teams in the world that plays competitions like the Champions League - I want those games as soon as possible.

"My stay in Spain helped me to make the jump to the Premier League," Vela told Mexican news agency Notimex. "Now, I am stronger on the field and more mature.

"I am not scared of the Premier League - I will train hard and fight for a chance in the Arsenal squad. I want to be a warrior for the team. I'm not thinking about failure. I'm happy to be here and I just want to help the team. I feel ready for Arsenal."