I was having lunch with a bunch of fellow Gooners yesterday and inevitably the subject turned to Eduardo and his prospect of bouncing back from the horrific leg injury he suffered at Birmingham back in February.

What shocked me among my Arsenal supporting mates was the number of them who were sceptical. However, it turned out that these were also the individuals who have not seen the video of our Crozilian striker's rehabilitation at a clinic in Rio de Janeiro.

So forgive me if you've seen this footage before, but it's definitely worth watching again. This video was shot at the end of May, barely three months after Dudu had been on the verge of having his foot amputated, according to reports.

Eduardo's determination to endure the pain and build up his strength is nothing short of remarkable, given that he was told he would not be able to walk without crutches for at least six months, while being able to run or kick a ball would be a nine-month ordeal.

However, the fact that he was able to lift weights, handle a step machine and more so soon after having his plaster cast removed shows the fighting spirit of the 25-year-old. I especially like the bit where he is kicking the ball back to his physio while bouncing up and down on the trampoline. That's something I couldn't do with two good legs, never mind if I was recovering from such a vicious injury.

I reckon Arsene Wenger will reintroduce Eduardo very gradually to first team football, but it'll probably happen sooner rather than later as his efforts to bounce back to fitness definitely deserve to be rewarded.

Bear in mind as well that this video was shot about seven weeks ago, so his strength will have improved in leaps and bounds since then. At one time we were looking at our Croat hitman being sidelined until 2009, but they way things are going, don't be too surprised if he joins his team mates during the pre-season schedule. Paddy Power are only offering 14-1 for Eduardo to be the top scorer in the Premier League next season, so belief in his comeback is growing.