POLL: Who was Arsenal's Man of the Match against Wigan?

I have one major observation to make about Saturday's lacklustre performance against Wigan: it was a victory and without going into too many cliches, big teams sometimes need to grind out results and that's exactly what Arsenal did.

There is no way that Arsene Wenger can have his team playing beautiful football every week, so at the end of the 90 minutes, I was more than happy that we'd secured all three points - as were most of the Gooners around me.

Job done. Now let's try to improve in the next game.

Man of the Match is a trickier one. I can fully understand the frustration that was directed at Emmanuel Eboue. As my esteemed colleague wrote earlier, the Ivorian may be one of the most popular players in the dressing room - where he is constantly referred to by his team mates as the funniest man in the squad - but he has done very little indeed to win over the fans.

For what it's worth, I think Eboue is a decent squad player. When he and Sagna play on the right, very little gets past them. But Manu did have a shocker on Saturday. It was one of the worst displays I've ever seen by an Arsenal player. And while I can fully understand why some fans booed him, it was still a sad thing to witness and I hope Le Gaffer is correct when he says it will strengthen Eboue's resolve.

Anyway, I can't see him winning too many votes for Man of the Match against Wigan.

Strong contenders must be Manuel Almunia, whom I think is improving game-on-game this season, Cesc Fabregas (doesn't the captaincy suit him well?!) and Robin van Persie, who is showing some great form.

And for the boo-boys who direct their ire at Denilson, well you should be holding your hands up to apologise. Despite playing out of position - again - the young Brazilian was fantastic on Saturday. Not only did he rattle the post twice with long range efforts, but he was simply everywhere. And for those of you who say he lost the ball a number of times, well he also won the ball back for the Gunners on countless occasions and seemed to be everywhere in a performance that I can only describe as Flamini-esque.

So you know who gets my vote, but I leave the overall choice up to you lot. Click on the 'read more' link below to access our poll and register your Vote now...