On the first day of Christmas, Arsène Wenger gave to me...

One: A kick-ass dominant defensive midfielder with his best years ahead of him, able to tackle, pass, break up attacks and rarely get booked (Gokhan Inler??).

Two: A fast and always-fit winger to replace the crocked Tomas Rosicky and give us some counter-attacking penetration.

Three: A commanding centre-back, six foot five, mean, fast, uncompromising.

Four: Nic Bendtner sold for a fortune (and maybe Manu Eboue and Mark Randall too?).

Five: Jack Wilshere turned into a superstar overnight, given a run of games over Christmas and scoring in successive matches aganst Villa, Pompey and a double aginst Plymouth.

Six: A new medical team capable of preventing the decimation of the squad through injuries which seem to be hampering us more and more each year.

Seven: A return to early-season form for T*tt*nh*m which seems them relegated in May. 

Eight: A renegotiation of stadium catering rights - what is the point in having state of the art facilities when the fans can't have a pint at Champions League games?

Nine: A renaming of stadium areas with Arsenal themes. 'We're the Yellow Quadrant' just doesn't have the same ring to it as 'We're the Clock End'.

Ten: A serious FA Cup challenge - it might not mean much monetarily to the club but it gives us Gooners a fantastic day out at Wembley.

Eleven: Fans arriving early, cheering through the game, being in their seats in time for the second half and never leaving early.

Twelve: The promise of a pre season game involving the Carling Cup squad against the first team squad.

What do you Addicts think? What would you like Santa to give Arsenal in the next six months? Let us know your thoughts.