Arsène, I agree with you

Arsène Wenger has reacted furiously to comments by former referee Graham Poll that John Terry’s red card against Everton last night had to be judged against the Ch*vski defender’s status as England captain.

There’s no doubt that Terry’s challenge deserved a red far more than, say Manu Adebayor’s two bookings on Sunday.

Referees should be anonymous, forgettable and incidental to the game rather than trying to take centre stage themselves.

No wonder Wenger is so upset at Poll’s assessment of Terry’s dismissal (see here for a clip)

The suggestion that referees may not book or dismiss players because of their England status is ridiculous folly – and provokes the question of how impartial referees actually are during matches.

Each decision should be made on its merits, not the nationality of the player, whether it’s England’s golden boy Theo Walcott or someone with a record of previous misdemeanours from beyond our shores.

That’s always been the suspicion about Poll, who despite his shameful three bookings for a Croatia player at the World Cup in 2006, still thinks he has the authority to tell us how the game should be played.