What the papers say: Arsenal can't beat Boro, but Adebayor wants revenge against Liverpool

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The Sun - Middlesbrough 1 Arsenal 1
IT’S lucky Emmanuel Adebayor likes big games because Arsenal have a monumental one coming up.

The Daily Mail - Middlesbrough 1 Arsenal 1: Adebayor gunning for 'big names' of Liverpool
Emmanuel Adebayor was frustrated his goal did not prove to be Arsenal's winner - but taking revenge on Liverpool is all that will be on his mind this week.

EMMANUEL Adebayor has had one dream crushed by Liverpool this year, so he is desperate to avoid a repeat before Christmas – even if an ex-Gunner has already written off Arsenal’s title chances.

The Times - Emmanuel Adebayor takes positives from Arsenal slip
No sooner had the dust settled on another dreadful draw for Arsenal than Emmanuel Adebayor, the Arsenal forward, was already looking forward to the much more attractive proposition of Liverpool at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday. And who can blame him?

The Independent - Arsenal new age stuck in past's shadow
Seven minutes before half-time at the Riverside on Saturday, Cesc Fàbregas threaded a peach of a pass out to the right, Emmanuel Adebayor clipped the ball into the heart of the Middlesbrough penalty area and Robin van Persie shaped up to flick home a first-time shot with the heel of his back foot. 

The Daily Telegraph - Arsene Wenger plays the sympathy card
Arsene Wenger believes that encouragement and a consoling arm is what his young team need more than anything else but it's a harsh, unforgiving, world – just ask Emmanuel Eboue – and the Arsenal players need a forceful reminder that they must do better.

The Guardian - Southgate makes point in style as Boro hold Arsenal
Arsenal could have made a statement but, given first say at lunchtime, made a remark instead. Middlesbrough all but matched them for style and just surpassed them for substance.

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