Jegbie's Journal: Come on Arsene... give us what we need.

Last night was the first time in a good few years when I actually thought to myself ... 'I really can’t be bothered to watch us play because there is no chance in hell we will turn up.'


I decided to forfeit my evening in front of the telly to go to the gym. While there I felt guilty and cut my workout short to come home early and watch the match.


I wish I hadn’t.


It turned out I was right about our team who are becoming so predictable it is ridiculous at the moment.


It is a disgrace how some of our players are performing – a lack of effort has spread through our side like a disease.


We have no consistency, no team spirit and no backbone. Most of our senior players should be ashamed of their form of late and I won’t have Arsenal fans blaming injuries.


Both M*nure and Chavski have had loads of injuries and still would never have delivered the type of abject performance we turned in. I hate those sides but I respect the fact that they battle and don’t look like little boys fighting the school bullies in the playground.


You can say we had nine first teamers out – you can say we’d already qualified – you can say it was a young side but it was a side capable of drawing and we never looked like getting a draw at any point in the match.


Our team consisted of a lot of players with a lot of prem experience – they may be young but they have experience. Apart from Ramsey, Almunia, Djourou and Wilshere they were all utter b*ll*cks.


This was their chance to shine but they chose to be totally feeble, betraying the football we have come to know and love from Arsenal. Yes, Porto have a good home record in the Champs League but our performance stank of a lack of fight, cohesion, effort and ability.


Silvestre – ready for the knackers yard, no pace or positional sense.


Gallas – the man don’t give a f*ck – played like an utter c*nt all evening – every time I see his face I want to slap him about.


Eboue – I really wish he would f*ck off – histrionics and an inability to play any sort of telling final ball makes him totally infuriating to watch.


Diaby – shocking performance, at fault for goal and gave the ball away all night long.


Song – cumbersome, misplaced passes and can’t tackle for sh*t.


Denilson – I believe he will come good but he has so much to learn – is still too similar to Fabregas to be an effective partner for him.


Bendtner – will never be more than an impact player, as soon as Eduardo is back and if the others stay fit he will be forgotten about.


Vela – great against shit opposition but has done nothing to convince me – Carling Cup doesn’t count for sh*t. Has a long way to go and will he ever get enough chances to develop?


Overall, I’m saying nothing new here – our squad is much much weaker than M*nure’s, the Ch*v's and Scouserpool's and that is why we will struggle to finish 4th.


Having new talent is great but how many of them will actually make it at Arsenal?


How Arsene Wenger rates Mark Randall is beyond me .... He’s lightweight, can’t tackle and looks like Plug from the Bash Street Kids – reason enough to tell him to jog on.


Maybe Arsene will turn it around but you have to take a look at our current players and ask yourself – which of them would get in the other Big Four’s teams on current form?


We may pull performances out the bag against the bigger sides but the team (and you have to blame the manager for this) has no real confidence.


This season is all about one game at a time. I just can’t remember us ever being so spectacularly inconsistent.


Please, for f*cks sake Arsene, if you have money (which I believe you don’t) buy a CB, a hard as a coffin nails defensive midfielder and a striker who can use both feet and his bonce and actually looks a bit lively – I mean look at Tevez, that’s the kind of player we want – Bentdner looks like he’s smoked a joint before he plays – no sense of urgency at all.


Empty seats at Emirates, and the likes of me, a die hard Arsenal fan not bearing to watch us play sometimes. It depress me.


Sometimes I hate myself for loving the Gunners too much – it’s like helping someone get off skag and then watch them as the press self destruct again and again and again.


Come on Arsene ... be the pusherman ... give us what we need.