It's all about BELIEF, fellow Gooners

With an hour gone in yesterday’s match, I started to wonder what more could go wrong to Arsenal after the roller-coaster first few months to the season.

My optimism and belief had started to crumble, wondering what Denilson was doing for the side; why Samir Nasri wasn’t asserting himself when the game was set up for him to make an impact; why Alex Song wasn’t throwing himself into tackles with the vigilance and assertiveness of Patrick Vieira at his best...

I was fuming at Manuel Almunia playing us into trouble when Ch*vski need little opportunity to take advantage of any mishaps.

The fact was, we weren’t playing well, but we contained a team with far more experience than us at present. Ch*vsi’s missing big names such as Essien and Drogba have had a habit of causing us massive problems but we had done well without actually causing them enough of a headache.

Whether it is because the Ch*vs are going through their own mini-crisis, only they know, but they were there to be taken and we had done precious little to take advantage of that.

My enduring belief that this Gunners team will come good, that Arsène Wenger really does know, started, just slightly, to wane.

I couldn’t understand why Wenger didn’t bring on Aaron Ramsey or Carlos Vela to add some offensive drive and then I got a text from a Gooner telling me that it was time to get Robin van Persie off, the Dutchman having been anonymous again.

Within seconds of that text, RvP had scored his first, and a wry smile came over my face.

When I think of the goals the Ch*vs have scored against us from dubious positions, the misfortunes we have suffered in recent years, and it’s about time the playing field levelled out.

Controversy is what makes football the talking point that it so often is, and yet our team had suffered more than it’s fair share of questionable decisions.

It’s funny how much that equaliser changed the side. Suddenly Song was winning tackles rather than just shielding; Gael Clichy bit into tackles and tried to push the team forward; Nasri looked up for it and the team was transformed.

When RvP scored his second, I couldn’t help thinking that we’d mugged the Ch*vs and needed to do all we could to hold on or wave the domestic season goodbye - and I didn't doubt we would do it for a minute.

Wenger’s tactics rely on quick passing and movement, and that works far better when you have players in form and feeling confident, especially when so many of them are so young and so raw.

Two wins in a week without playing well underlines everything Wenger has said about the character of this team.

As usual, he knows better than us what to do and when – a couple of new faces in January and maybe we’ll look back at yesterday’s result as a real watershed for the Arsenal.