Wenger quit talk – there are dark forces at work

Arsène Wenger has never broken a contract in his life.

That is why Arsenal had to wait a few months for his Grampus 8 contract to end before he joined us.

Say what you will about Le Boss but he is a man of honour...and someone we should be very proud of.

So where have these rumours come from suggesting that he was about to walk out on Arsenal after a difficult week?

Wenger said: “I love it here In my decisions always what is first is the interest of the club, not what the media will think. I cannot influence what people say but I can influence the future of the club.”

So where, despite no one having mentioned it in the media or even on blogs or other news sites, has this ridiculous rumour emerged from?

It’s the sort of thing that adds to the soap opera and mischief of football, especially coming ahead of such a big game, which is no coincidence, I am sure.

It underlines what us Addicts have been saying.

However frustrated we get, we are SUPPORTERS and all part of the same family.

We must stick together in times of triumph and times of tragedy.

These are difficult times for the Gunners.

Singing our hearts out tomorrow, getting behind the team, not lambasting poor passes or weak defending and doing our best to make the stadium a cauldron will go some way to reminding Arsène and the team that they are in our blood.

And no Machiavellian troublemakers can ever destroy that bond.