How do you solve a problem like United?

If the pundits are to be believed, the only people expecting a titanic struggle between two of the biggest clubs in Europe tomorrow are the Sky Sports pundits who have to sell the game to a TV audience.

Are there many outside N5 who believe Arsenal have a chance?

More pertinently, are there many Gooners who believe we have a chance?

All I’m hearing is doom and gloom, and if I’m honest, the lack of so many first-teamers, the lack of leaders and organisation makes it hard to be optimistic.

But I was talking to someone this week who was a neutral at the M*nure v Hull game and told me how unimpressed he was with them...

Even David Sadler of the Manchester Evening News has highlighted United's weakness this weekend, their ability to switch off.

Sure, Hull did us in our own back yard and had four goals scored against them, but this is about United and they flattered to deceive, just as we did before the T*tt*nh*m debacle.

Let’s be honest, if we analyse the teams on paper, United are way ahead of us. Straddled with debt they may be, but every summer M*nure buy big and they have a host of peripheral players such as Nani and Anderson who would walk into our team at present.

If us Gooners or Arsène Wenger think too logically about it, there will only be one winner.

From the evergreen Giggs to R*naldo, Shrek Rooney, Tevez and B*rb*t*v – all their offensive players have proved to be a thorn in our side at one stage of another.

I remember us LOSING to M*nure a few years ago when Lee Sharpe scored a hat-trick at Highbury and we had to face a then imperious Liverpool side the following Sunday.

No one gave us a chance.

We won that game 3-0 and went on to win the title that season. Of course, it was a different, battle-hardened team, but the doubters were well and truly put in their place.

I wanted to rip my chair out of its hinges last week when nothing less than ineptitude resulted in us dropping two points against Sp*rs and being a Gooner right now isn’t as easy as I’d like.

But the joy is never so pronounced without the pain and like everything in life, there are always going to be blips.

The media love to kick a team when it’s down, especially a team who haven’t shown the signs that they are up for a fight.

Arsenal always raise their game against the bigger teams and tomorrow will be no different.

If we attack and focus on our strengths, be brave and shoot whenever we have sight of goal and fly into every tackle as if our lives depend on it, frankly, we will deserve to take something from the game.

Rarely has Arsenal been so unfancied, so vilified as they are at present.

If we are to win tomorrow, we have to play our part to help the team, roaring loud and staying proud.

After all, WE ARE ARSENAL.