Is this 1995 all over again?

Do you remember the last days of George Graham?

The man who had revitalised Arsenal and made them contenders again after decades of under-achievement was starting to run out of ideas.

There were cries from the crowd at Highbury to buy, and finally, Graham did so, bringing in Chris Kiwomya, Glenn Helder and John Hartson.

After the genius signings of Anders Limpar and David Seaman, let alone finding players who had been given free transfers at times early in their careers - Winterburn, Dixon and Bould all receiving P45s at one point or another - Arsenal had become all too predictable.

Kick the ball to Ian Wright and hope, seemed to be the message.

The wit of Rocastle, Davis and Thomas had been replaced by Selley, Hillier and Jensen...

Winning the 1994 Cup Winners' Cup masked the deterioration in the team.

A new man with fresh ideas was required and when Graham's financial misdemeanours provoked his departure, the Arsenal board finally got it right with Wenger, a year and a half after Graham's departure.

I would never put Alex Song and Denilson in the same bracket as Selley and Hillier, but there are worrying similarities.

Again, the manager is putting faith in players who don't live up to the standards of those he initially coached or signed.

Again the manager is using one tactic which has been worked out by even the likes of Stoke and Hull.

Again we are relying on one player - this time it's Cesc Fabregas - to provide the spark the team needs. Stop him and you stop the team, although Wenger's refusal to buy some midfield support for him is doing a good job of stifling him itself.

That season, we came 12th, losing to the likes of Crystal Palace, Newcastle, Southampton, Leicester City, Leeds, QPR, Millwall, Sheffield Wednesday and Blackburn.

I don't think we'll finish that low this year, but with Liverpool mostly finding some consistency, Aston Villa and Manchester City showing their abilities to threaten (albeit in City's case more through huge financial resources than results at present), finishing fourth will be a challenge.

I don't want Arsène Wenger to leave Arsenal. I don't want the fans to turn on him. We are very fortunate to have done so well for the past few years under his guidance.

But he needs to accept that his tactics, the shortcomings of the squad and the organisation of the defence need some serious surgery and fast, if we are not to slip back to mediocrity once more.