Ten questions for Arsène Wenger

When I heard the team that Arsène Wenger had decided to field against Stoke, I wondered what he was thinking of.

I had the same feeling before the Bolton game and, after falling behind as we did in that game, I remained confident we could turn it around, however frustrating it is not to dispatch sides like Stoke who we would be expected to beat with ease.

I ended up watching the second half live and everything that could go wrong went wrong, from the goals we conceded to the petulance of RvP to the injuries we sustained.

Let's be honest, the title is gone and the best we can hope for is fourth place and a decent run in Europe - and even that is asking a lot on current form.

It got me thinking, thouh, when Jegbie of all people asked me why Wenger can't see what every Gooner can see.

So, Mr Wenger...

* Why have you failed to buy a giant central defender capable of winning high balls against the more direct teams in the Premiership (and Arsenal's nemesis, Didier Drogba)?

* Why did you not only fail to replace Mathieu Flamini in the summer, but also allow Gilberto Silva to depart, leaving us with no-one capable of winning the ball in midfield?

* Why do you complain about team burnout just two and a half months into the season when every Gooner urged you to sign more players to cope with the demands of a season?

* Why do you retain your faith in Manuel Almunia when, despite occasionally making decent shot stops, he has no command of his area and engenders no confidence in his defence?

* Why do you drop or substitute our most important players, notably Samir Nasri or Theo Walcott, when their offensive talents pin opposing teams in their own half?

* Why did you not take the opportunity in the summer to replace William Gallas as captain after his breakdown against Birmingham, perhaps with Cesc Fabregas, who needs the responsibility to raise his game?

* Why have you not appointed a specialist defence coach to work on our ability to defend corners, free kicks and Delap-type throws which have caused us so many problems this season?

* If the younger players, the Carlos Velas, the Aaron Ramseys and even the Jack Wilshires are as good as you say they are, why do you rarely play them from the start in games that really matter?

* When are you going to realise that we play in the English Premiership means we play a physical style of football and have to earn the right to play before we can enforce our own style of football?

* Why do you not have a Plan B to change games in the manner the likes of Jose Mourinho used to turn defeats into victories?

Answers on a postcard, please.