What the papers say: Gallas receives Wenger backing, Chelsea hatred

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The Sun - Gallas blast was from his heart

IT is not often you find support from an opponent on the eve of a match as fierce as Chelsea versus Arsenal. But Petr Cech has backed his former Blues team-mate William Gallas over the row which has rocked the Emirates.

The MirrorArsenal's new chief executive, American Ivan Gadizis, says..

..he has no plans to Disneyfy the club (Disneyfy being a verb not to be confused with Gallasfy, which means to stomp and wail like a 10-year-old who has been told he's too small to ride Big Thunder Mountain).

The Daily Mail - Gunners are in 'disarray', claims Fergie as United chief turns up the heat on troubled Wenger

Sir Alex Ferguson has re-ignited hostilities between Manchester United and Arsenal by telling Arsene Wenger that his team is ‘in disarray’ on the eve of a crucial Barclays Premier League weekend. 


ARSENE Wenger put his faith in his players last night as he admitted Arsenal’s title hopes could be ended against Chelsea tomorrow.


Arsene Wenger is sure William Gallas will deal with the Chelsea hate mob. 

The Times - Chelsea will end Arsenal's Premier League title hopes, says Petr Cech

Petr Cech has set the tone for a potentially combustible confrontation by accusing Arsenal of lacking fighting spirit and vowing to end their Barclays Premier League title hopes.

The Independent - Wenger backs Gallas – and promises to read his book

Maybe it was with a certain irony, given the revelations of last week and the insight into dressing-room bust-ups, that Petr Cech yesterday accused Arsenal of lacking "fight". 

The Daily Telegraph - Arsene Wenger slams Arsenal critics

Arsene Wenger has refuted claims from Arsenal’s title rivals that the club were in “disarray” and that they lacked the necessary physical resources and the fight to claim the Premier League title.

The Guardian - Wenger seeks happier chapter in Gallas story

Arsene Wenger intends to break one ingrained habit in the near future. "Frankly, I do not read many footballers' autobiographies but I will read this one," he said with a smile. The Arsenal manager doubts there will be much he does not already know. "You get the interesting things in the newspapers," he added, but William Gallas's book has certainly grabbed his attention.

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