Is it time for Arsene Wenger to drop Cesc Fabregas?

Who did most Gooners urge Arsene Wenger to appoint as Captain in the summer?

Who would have been the first name on the team sheet for the past couple of seasons or more?

Who is arguably our most important player and most valuable playing asset?

Step forward Cesc Fabregas.

I fully believe that our Spanish midfielder will one day be crowned World Player of the Year, though perhaps not while he is at Arsenal.

But something has happened to Cesc this season which underlines the fragile nature of excellence at the top level in sport.

Whether it is down to fatigue after featuring in Spain's Euro 2008 success;the injury which hampered his pre-season; the departure of his mates Hleb, Flamini and Senderos; or the lack of a midfield minder, something is very very wrong...

The talk amongst many Addicts is that Cesc will be off at the end of the season, such is his clearly unhappy demeanour.

That's the risk you take with nurturing young players from Europe whose roots are elsewhere.

It's why I could well imagine Jack Wilshere remaining at the club his entire career, but have never held out the same hope for Cesc.

Whatever the reason, Cesc is simply not playing anywhere close to the standards he has shown in the past.

It's part, though certainly not the only reason, why this season is already proving to be so disappointing.

We rely on Cesc's creativity, his wit and his influence significantly and when he is off his game, it affects our attacking prowess immeasurably.

Where once he found plenty of time on the ball, had an eye for goal and threaded through passes that created clear openings on a regular basis, now he seems quickly crowded out and unsure in his passing accuracy.

His pass for Samir Nasri's second goal  against M*nure probably won us the game. But all too often, his head has dropped along with his standards and it's affecting the entire team.

Only on Saturday - when we hardly forced Brad Friedal into a worthy save, Cesc got caught dawdling on the ball late on. It was an incident all too rare in his career and exemplified the team's struggles.

I love Cesc and I hope this is no more than a blip but with his suspension against Man City now confirmed, perhaps his return shouldn't be automatic.

His performances this season also underline Wenger's wisdom in not burdening him with the captaincy just yet.

A fit and on form Cesc is about the most creative midfielder in the world, but perhaps he needs a little breather, to allow him to reflect and gather himself together.

Wenger talks of young players being burnt out by over-playing when they're young and I hope he heeds that with our Matador.

Form is temporary, class is permanent.

We need an on-form Cesc to show his true class soon or this season will go from bad to worse.