Do you know what it means to be a supporter, Gooners??

Supporter: n. person or thing that supports, esp. person supporting a team or sport

Supportive: a. providing support or encouragement

A few Gooners need to have a long hard look at themselves and reflect about what it means to be a supporter of Arsenal Football Club.

Being a Gooner is something to be proud of.

We represent the club at all times, and, as with a family, we may not agree with everything that happens all the time, but there is still a bond that cannot be broken.

Once your colours have been declared, you can NEVER change them, just as you cannot change your family.

Your contact with them, time investment and commitment may falter from time to time, but they are still a part of you.

I have to say that at the start of the season, I didn’t hold out huge hope that Arsenal would win the title in May and I still don’t think we have enough to do so.

I, like so many others, have been immensely frustrated at the lack of investment in the team when it seems so clear that one or two additions, particularly in a defensive midfield role are all we need to really challenge.

What we could have done with a young Patrick Vieira this year...

I tear my hair out at a lack of application by certain players, lapses in concentration and other shortcomings.

Tellingly, Arsene Wenger all but confirmed what many of us have suspected for some time: there is little money to buy new players.

Asked if he ever doubted himself when it came to the club's transfer policy, he hinted that Arsenal's prudent approach was not entirely down to him: "I would not like to come out on that too much today," he said. "But I will one day. Today I want to concentrate on the performance of this team."

Like any head of the family, frustrated as he may be by the constraints that prevent him from fitting the missing pieces of the jigsaw, he refuses to publicly condemn those who allow him to take the flak.

Reading the comments this site and others have received in the past 12 days about Wenger has made me realise so many things.

It has made me realise how proud I am of supporting Arsenal, through thick and thin.

It has made me appreciate even more what an outstanding legacy to English football Arsène Wenger will leave when he finally finishes coaching.

It has made me realise how, even in the depths of despair when I try and kid myself that it doesn’t matter that much, Arsenal is in my blood and plays a huge and in reasonable terms, a disproportionate role in my life.

There was a time when I started watching the team in the early 80s when we never expected to compete with the Scousers or United – and that shows how far we have come under Wenger.

We are not perfect – one victory does not make a season and we may well suffer more indignities along the way. For me, it’s not even about the pretty football – it’s about the integrity that we exhibit most of the time.

Fair criticism is part and parcel of being a supporter. There are ups and downs in the life of any fan of any team.

To those of you who have slated the Club, Wenger and the players without respect or rationale, please take a look at the start of this article.

It has made me angry that there are so many idiots out there slating the manager and the players with such personal abuse and vitriol, prepared to boo our own team after a difficult couple of weeks.

How dare you – you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Do you always turn on your allies when the going gets tough?

For those of you to whom this applies, as one Addict put it on the site after the M*nure match, please go and ‘support’ someone else. We don’t need you.

We are supporters. We might get frustrated, angry, upset with our team, but Arsenal are in our hearts and we stand together against opponents and critics alike.

I desperately want to see us win something significant this season, as I do every season. I desperately want to scream with emotion as I did at the final whistle on Saturday, proud of the team for sticking two fingers up at those who seek to slate them.