Jegbie's Judgement - Bash the Bischoff shows promise

By Jegbie

Last night the Reserves won 3-2 and played exactly the same way as our senior team. Lovely footy, weak final moves and more tinkering around the box than on an adult movie set.

Neil Banfield was interviewed at the end and said that all the squad are taught to play a fast pass and move game and that is the club’s philosophy.

Stoke were physically much bigger and more experienced than our side but when it came to technique and movement, we were a level above.

However, we nearly blew it due to a lapse in concentration .... (sound familiar!!!) after bossing large periods of the match.

It should be remembered that a lot of our reserve players are under 18 so are pretty much the 3rd team when you also consider that Nortdveit, Traore and Barazite are all on loan this season and Merida didn’t play.

Mikael Silvestre played at CB and helped Bartley out, doing everything tidily and throwing himself into challenges and not holding back.

But the player we were all keen to see was Amaury Bischoff, you know, that French/Portuguese geezer we signed from Germany last summer.

Having hardly played for Werder Bremen, I was excited to see him start the game – but I expected him to be a destroyer.

A stocky guy, he reminded me of Deco (albeit with a long way to go). He played 60 mins and looks to have something about him – I have a feeling he could do something for us.

His short passing game was good and he had a couple of strikes too.

He certainly looked more composed than Flamini and certainly more of a creative player, but considering it was his first game in months, his engine looked impressive.

Arsène Wenger likes players who can pass at a high tempo and the boy knows how to play the ball to his team mates, simply and speedily.

There were some other exciting performances, from Francis Coquelin, Jack Wilshire, Kieran Gibbs and Kyle Bartley – the giant in defence we need? – but I have to mention Jay Simpson.

He put in a tireless performance and scored a penalty but I think his future lies away from Arsenal. I just don’t think he’ll make it into the first team and stay there. It’s a bit of an Aliadiere situation.

Will Bischoff be pushing for a first team place soon? Hard to say, and I doubt we’ll see him before Christmas apart from perhaps in the Carling Cup.

Let’s just hope he’s not needed sooner rather than later when we come back from the useless international break with half the team crocked again.

Also – these media reports about Cesc Fabregas leaving if we don’t win something this season are getting on my tits. Why do players from Chelsea, Man U and Liverpool never come out with these sound bites yet we have to put up with it from our lot? I don’t care how good you are ..... you don’t air your dirty laundry.

Having said that, it could all be bollocks with those cheeky Spanish hacks getting creative on us poor loyal Gooners.