POLL: Which Arsenal players do you think deserve to be dropped?

It's Friday and a lot of us Gooners are still seething about the midweek result, so in the interests of venting your anger in a kind of mouse-clicky way, here's a list of Wednesday's under achievers to take your frustration out on.

One of the comments today points out that Jens Lehmann was dropped by Arsene Wenger for lesser errors than Manuel Almunia made against the Spuds, so perhaps you think he should be axed.

But I've given you the option of all 14 players who played in the midweek farce, so feel free to register your disappointment in the appropriate way by selecting who you think is the player who doesn't deserve to be wearing the Arsenal strip at the moment.

Oh, and just to make it a little more interesting, I've fixed the poll to allow you to make multiple choices - so if you think the whole team should be dropped, simply select the lot of them.