Jegbie's message to T*tt*nh*m fans

I am hurting. I feel let down. I want to blame someone. I want to understand what the hell went wrong.

I love Arsene and what he has done for us but to hear him say he thought we were outstanding is either a PR exercise or a bloody joke.

Outstanding is not letting a two goal lead slip in four mins.

To implode like we did last night was comical and unfortunately sums us up so far this season.

Gooners are down because they know they are way better than Sp*rs and one draw doesn't change that.

Brilliant going forward, rubbish at the back. You haven't beaten us in the league since 1999.

Spuds will shout about the Carling Cup but no Gooner really cares about it because it is a competition we give no value too other than to develop our younger players so they can beat Sheffield Utd 6-0 the year after.

Xmas came early for the Spuds last night.

Two goalkeeping errors, a Clichy slip and a Modric shot that deflects off Silvestre, hits the post and bounces luckily to Rat Boy L*nn*n ensure we did our best to gift wrap every chance for you.

Once the emotions drain out and the anger dies down, we are still in 3rd place, only six points of top spot with 28 games to go and you are still bottom.

We will always be a class apart, from the way our club is run .... to the players we have.

I obviously hope you beat Liverpool on Saturday to do us a favour.

We need to sort out our defence, that is a given. .... but form is temporary, class is permanent.

Enjoy what one Spuds fan described to me as "our cup final".

What a joke!