Gomes shows that Arsene knows

Remember when Arsenal played PSV a couple of seasons ago?

Two opposition players stood out for me in that tie.

Alex, the Brazilian central defender who now plays a bit part for Ch*vski, was a man mountain.

Perhaps a lack of regular gameplay stops him from showing his true talent in the Premiership.

But the other player who stood out was Heurelho Gomes. For me, he was a world class keeper and one of those players who, having adjusted to European life in Holland, would have been top of my list to replace Jens Lehmann.

So it was one of those rare galling moments when I thought T*tt*nh*m had got one over us when they signed Gomes in the summer.

How wrong I was!

It's not often that I watch other teams play on TV, unless it's late on in the season and the result directly affects us, but I saw T*tt*nh*m's home game with Villa earlier in the season.

Sure enough, Gomes made some fantastic saves and incredible howlers - and we saw again how woeful he can be against Udinese last Thursday.

I can say nothing more about him than that his clangers this season have made Paul Robinson look good.

While for me, the jury is still out as far as Manuel Almunia, it's fair to say that he has been making some outstanding saves of his own of late - and there's no doubt he is superior to T*tt*nh*m's custodian.

So, Mr Wenger, I salute you once again for ramming my concerns down my throat and showing that your knowledge of what constitutes a good buy or a bad one remains supreme.

You may not always get it right, but then, no one is perfect.

And I fully expect Mr Gomes to be humbled once again at Emirates this evening.