"I was a big Arsenal fan as a kid" - Redknapp

When Harry Redknapp uses the phrase "to be honest", you have to take it with a pinch of salt

Those who work in football and the media all now what an amiable bloke he is, and let him get away with the Del Boy antics underlined by his love of the transfer merry-go-round .

There's absolutely no doubt that Redknapp is a good manager - you only have to look at how well he did at West Ham and Portsmouth to see that. Ok, his spell at Southampton wasn't a success, but nobody is perfect.

Harry was on to a good thing at Pompey - a decent squad with a fair mix of young talent and old heads and a trophy that meant so much to the locals. But, possibly mindful of the cash flow issues of the owners that would prevent him playing ‘Premiership Manager' in January, he's jumped at the T*tt*nh*m job.

And now he is the enemy.

Remember D*vid B*ntl*y in the summer, proclaiming that he was a T*tt*nh*m fan and that all his mates were Lilywhite? As if criticising Arsène Wenger, Theo Walcott (yes, you know, that England regular who's keeping B*ntl*y out of the squad) and the Gunners, was not enough, now Redknapp is following suit.

I suspect most of us were surprised when he left Pompey for T*tt*nh*m and, given the antipathy of Hammers fans and those at Sh*te H*rt L*ne, no wonder he said: "People think I was a West Ham fan as kid because I love that club but it was Spurs I used to go and watch, they were the team I supported. Now I've been given an opportunity that I've waited for all my life."

Hmmm...is that really true Mr Redknapp?

When Pompey faced Preston North End in the FA Cup last season, a match which had no connection with Arsenal, Redknapp said: "I was a big Arsenal fan as a kid."

And when Portsmouth faced Arsenal two years ago, Redknapp again proved how much he was a Gunner.

He said: "I used to go to Arsenal every week. My dad used to take me. We used to get on the North Bank about a quarter to one and there was a big manhole that stood you up about a foot higher than normal. Just right for a little lad like me. People think that because of where we lived in London's east end I was a West Ham fan, like most of the family.

"But my dad was a big Arsenal man and brought me up to support them. I still remember their players when I was a kid - Jack Kelsey, Dennis Evans, Derek Tapscott, Bill Dodgin, Len Wills, David Herd.

"When my dad died a couple of months ago, Arsenal sent a wreath to his funeral. I'll never forget that and could hardly believe that. I didn't tell anyone at Arsenal. Somebody must have picked up on it. Fantastic.''

Now, in some respects, there can be nothing better than a Gooner in charge of our Seven Sisters Road rivals, but why bother making claims so easy to dispel?

That's the thing about T*tt*nh*m - the number of players, managers and even directors they get through shows how little honour they have and how transient their loyalty is.

It seems to be infectious and it makes it even easier than it is already to have nothing but contempt for their pathetic little club.

Say what you like about Peter Hill-Wood, but his family have been involved with Arsenal for almost a century and that osrt of loyalty and dedication is something you just can't teach.

And it's something T*tt*nh*m have shown yet again is not in their DNA.