You reap what you sow, T*tt*nh*m

So Juande Ramos has left T*tt*nh*m and Harry Redknapp is set to replace him.

I'm gutted, because, as all Gooners know, Juande Ramos was doing a great job.

A new coach has a habit of raising player spirits so it will be interesting to see how T*tt*nh*m perform when we beat them on Wednesday.

Waking up this morning, I can't help thinking that the departure of Ramos was inevitable - T*tt*nh*m have a habit of hitting the panic button and stability is the anathema of their club management.

But what you reap is what you sow - and after the shabby way the board treated Martin Jol (I never thought I'd feel sorry for a T*tt*nh*m coach), they have got what they deserved.

The very very public way Daniel L*vy courted Ramos while he was still in a job and Jol was still in charge was embarrassing in the extreme.

Some Gooners accuse Peter Hill-Wood of being an old duffer and there may be a grain of truth in that, but he and his family have maintained a proud tradition at Arsenal.

The classy way we have managed our affairs, even sacking Bruce Rioch with plenty of decorum, and following that obvious edict that stability is more likely to bring success than a meer-go-round, is something I am proud of.

Harry Redknapp? Well, he'll be given a transfer fund (he even mentioned the prospect of having no money to spend at Pompey, which seemed to cause him alarm) and there'll be plenty of comings and goings.

If his antics at Pompey are anything to go by, T*tt*nh*m have a chance of staying up, something that doesn't exactly fill me with glee.

But I will hold on memories of his spell at Southampton and hope he does as good a job as he did with the Saints.

I just hope Redknapp's departure provokes Arsene Wenger to approach Tony Adams to return to Arsenal as a coach - with our record at dead balls, we need him.