UPDATED: Jegbie's Journal - Willie G is a disgrace

My name is Willy G.

After I have played for Arsenal and have not bothered to defend a corner, jump for a header or blame my mistakes on my younger team mates, there is nothing I like more than to spark up a Gauloises.

I particularly enjoy doing this safe in the knowledge that I always play brilliantly and am the best defender at Arsenal.

I know I shouldn't smoke.

It is not good for you - it is hardly what the boss wants me to do and most highly paid professional sportsmen don't do it.

But I am different. I am Captain of Arsenal so I can do what the f**k I want.

I do think it is weird that Arsenal chose to have the Teenage Cancer Trust as their official charity when everyone knows I love a tab.

See you at the Boleyn ground where I fully expect to get the nod ahead of my other team mates because I am the best thing since flip top packets of ciggies.

EDITOR'S NOTE - Sadly, I have seen Gallas smoking and it can't help him. There are times when his defending is outstanding and times when it's atrocious. Smoking in public isn't a great idea when you are captain of one of the biggest clubs in the country. Especially, as Jegbie says, when the Teenage Cancer Trust is the club's official charity.

Arsene Wenger came out at this afternoon's press conference clearly perturbed by Gallas's public antics: "I will check that with him. He has a responsibility as captain of Arsenal Football Club. That cannot be accepted. It is a public job with a public responsibility and therefore it is exactly the same for everybody."

There is some feeling among Gooners that Gallas should not be a shoe-in for a return at Upton Park on Sunday.

Unsurprisingly, Wenger believes Gallas gets a raw deal from critics about his performances: "He has learned a lot. He has taken a lot of criticism, of course, but I think he took it in a positive way.

"He himself has come out and said, 'I made a mistake last year and I will change and re-address my attitude.' I believe he has got a lot of unfair critics and therefore I believe the fact that he could take it and he is still as motivated.

"What you can never fault with William is the motivation. He wants to do well, he wants his team to win and he has made a mistake - who didn't? Even great captains, we all make mistakes."

Whether Gallas returns on Sunday or not, there are a few things not quite right about him this season and, as many Fantasy Wenger Addicts have said, Johann Djourou probably deserves a run now. Won't happen though.