Am I the only Gooner who hopes T*tt*nh*m win tonight?

It's the same story every season, isn't it?

T*tt*nh*m spend a heapload of cash in the summer, their fans start crowing about how this will be their year and, to give added spice to proceedings this year, they sign a former Gunner.

I think the last time I was anxious about T*tt*nh*m was on the last day of the 2006 season at Highbury when our farewell to the old ground could have turned out as the best or the worst way to finish our playing days in Avenell Road.

That last game at Highbury, with all the sentimentality and the ramifications for Arsenal past and present was probably my best ever day as a Gooner - bar 1989 - but it was one of those occasions when success meant usurping T*tt*nh*m as RIVALS.

Nothing upsets a Sp*rs fan more than to know how little importance we place on the derbies compared to them and that day was a recent exception.

After all, they crow for months about every single goal scored against us, that Carling Cup win last year ranking up their with their greatest ever achievements. For us Gooners, it was simply a mildly embarrassing defeat after fielding a team with too many youngsters in vulnerable positions (full back in particular).

I would never go so far as saying that beating T*tt*nh*m is just another win, but victories over M*n*re and Ch*vski have far more relevance on many levels.

That brief spell during Martin Jol's era was one where they threatened to move up to our level - and then, as is so often the case, the incompetency of their board ensured the status quo was restored.

It doesn't seem to matter who is in charge of the club at boardroom level, they always want quick results. Remember that, after winning the title in 98, we had to wait another four years for Wenger's second championship. Somehow I don't think the Sp*rs boardroom would have waited, not that they'll ever have to deal with that sort of dilemma!

What irony also that the loudest unofficial spokesman in the T*tt*nh*mdressing room is D*vid B*ntl*y - the man who really does deserve all the abuse we can give him next week.

Sadly for him, he is only a bit-part player, complaining about the position he is being played in, admitting splits in the dressing room and somehow acting as if he knows what he is talking about.

But, back to the headline and I really DO hope T*tt*nh*m win tonight.

Victory will ease the pressure on Juande Ramos and, hopefully, a draw at Bolton will provoke claims of a renaissance, of having turned the corner.

It's great watching T*tt*nh*m at the bottom of the table and even better to think of the prospect of them going down.

But if their board acts quickly, they'll dispose of Ramos despite the huge compensation required to pay him off, and T*tt*nh*m may have a chance of staying up.

So come on you Lilywhites, I hope you do well against Udinese tonight and fair to middling against Bolton.

Then just watch us put you to the sword in a game that really matters and compound the misery which hopefully will only get worse as relegation draws closer in May.