Jegbie's Journal: Losing his Cesc appeal

I am not one to moan, especially after a good Champs League away victory that was still marginalised due to the M*nure bias that exists in this country.

Their win over a team with one of the worst away records in the competition was given more kudos than ours over a team who have not been beaten at home in 12 matches in Europe. Typical.

However, I am beginning to get pissed off by our players constantly wiping their arses in public and creating negative PR for the club.

Cesc Fabregas is either being badly advised or his agents are playing hardball with Arsenal but I am sick of these things being aired in public.

Why do we not sort out our players contracts? Why has Fab not been locked down with a super bumper deal and the vice captaincy? Why has Theo's contract still not been sorted?

Ade talking about leaving ..... Hleb very publically talked about going as did Flamini. Why does this not happen at M*nure or Ch*vski (bar Ronaldo who I believe will be gone this season).

I think it is because we have no-one of any stature dealing with our players contracts and transfer dealings ... whatever anyone thinks about David Dein, he was excellent in the transfer market.

When he left it has become a one man band at Arsenal with Arsene almost being too involved in all the decisions on and off the pitch.

The man needs a strong number to and a strong negotiator to sort our internal affairs out.

Why the hell has it taken so long to bring a Chief Exec in?

The thought of losing one of Europe's best midfielders is sickening to me and we need to do whatever is necessary to make sure he stays - there is no point having good youngsters if all are experienced players leave.

Why do people want to leave Arsenal? Is it because we are not winning? Ch*vski won nothing last season but their players don't cry and bitch .... is it because they are paid so much? Probably.

Same with Scouserpool - won nada .. keep all their players unless they want to sell.

Why can we not do that? Please AFC ... sort it out ..... let the boys do their stuff on the pitch and sort out the business side of it.

Also, not to temper our result but unless we sort our defence out we will not beat the likes of M*nure and Ch*vski .. we will score but we will concede and they will concede less. The table doesn't lie.

Please Arsene, sort out our defence, teach the players how to do throw ins and take corners.

Unless we get these basics right we will win nothing and our top players will make even more noise to leave.