We may not like it, but jeering players is part of the beautiful game

Anyone who has been reading the editors' ramblings on Arsenal Addicts for any amount of time will know that neither of us are fans of the international game. For what it's worth, one of us is English and the other Scottish and while that results in some friendly banter between us, it never extends to our national football teams because, quite frankly, we both see international competitions as an inconvenient disruption to proper football.

As a result both of us took the opportunity of the international break last week to take holidays - my own slightly longer than my Addict partner in crime.

But it's been interesting to read about the reaction of the England fans toward Cashley Cole at the weekend - and also the support he has received from his international team mates.

I can't ever recall booing a player in my own team. I call recall venting my frustration at certain players wearing Arsenal colours on thousands of occasions, but actually booing one of my own players isn't something that I will do.

But although I don't necessarily agree with the boo-boys (and girls), I don't agree for a second that they should be ashamed of themselves for airing their displeasure. For a start this was Cashley Cole, spouse of Cheryl Greedy, that we're talking about. On a more serious note though, the vast majority of fans who attend games pay for their tickets, so they have every right to boo at any player they like.

Where we must all draw the line is at some of the racist and homophobic abuse, the likes of which was reportedly targeted toward former Gunner Sol Campbell by a certain moronic section of the support of the league's bottom club a couple of weeks ago.

Arsenal should be commended for their stance against racism and abusive language at the Emirates Stadium and I'm guessing that other clubs around the country do likewise.

But if the club was ever to bring in rules that prevented us Gooners from lambasting players when they are underperforming, then that would be a sad day indeed - and I can't imagine it will ever happen.

So for international stars to turn upon the fans and demand blind loyalty to me is laughable. These individuals are paid tens of thousands of pounds a week to perform and if us paying punters believe that they are not doing enough to earn their place in the team - be it at club level or on oh-so-boring international duty, then we have paid for the right to voice our opinions.

The observation of football is all about opinions, my fellow Addicts, and you may disagree with ours from time to time (or all the time) but that doesn't mean you are correct, as you'll always find someone to argue.

But it's heartening to know that Cashley helped achieve what I previously thought impossible - as a Scotsman I never thought I'd agree with England fans...